reproduction audio speed
Tag Title will contain the name of the video and tag Track the number by the order in the playlist.
Tags Artist, Album and Year will be added to every mp3 file.

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YTBmp3 is YouTube to mp3 online converter.
Listen audio from your favorite YouTube videos whenever you want by downloading
the highest quality mp3 file that can be converted from source video.

Conversion works on any system (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS...) or device with a browser.
No need to install any software on your computer, but we have chrome extension and firefox plug-in can add a convenient download button to YouTube pages.

Download whole playlists with one click! Just paste a playlist link or search for one.

Select desired bitrate, adjust tempo, normalize loudness,
set custom ID3v2 tags or trim the length of the converted audio by specifying
the start and end time with subsecond precision. More...
The Auto bitrate option will choose the highest bitrate that is available.
Time can be represented in seconds, 10.5,
with colon separating hours, minutes and seconds, 1:35.2,
or with h, m and s suffixes, 1h20m1.8s.

Search for videos and playlists directly from here,
but you can still paste URLs, if you want.
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