How to...

Search #

While you type in search input field, video and playlist results will be displayed bellow.

Download mp3 by pasting YouTube URL #

Copy YouTube URL and paste it in the search input field. The video will be displayed below. If URL contains information about playlist in which the video is, or it is a YouTube playlist URL, playlist download will be displayed, too.

Do Search-less & Paste-less Download #

You do not have to search or paste URL, at all.

While watching YouTube video in the browser:

  • go to the browser address bar
  • select youtube word in the URL domain (…)
  • replace it with ytbmp3 (to be…)
  • hit the enter button on the keyboard

YTBmp3 site will detect the video, or playlist, that you were watching, and show the download information.

Set a Bookmark trick #

Almost all of the browser out there have Bookmarks or Favorites bar where you can put you frequently visited pages to be at hand. They can be interactive in a way that can contain small scripts which are executed on click. If you create one Bookmark item with exactly this for the address javascript:( function(){ window.location.href.replace( "youtube", "ytbmp3" ));})(); you can just click it when on the page of the youtube video you want to convert and end up on the download page of our website. No need for typing yourself, or using an extension.

Let’s make it even easier: just make sure your Favorites or Bookmarks bar is visible in your browser right now and then drag and drop our little logo here YTBmp3 this! to that bar. This will create a YTBmp3 this! bookmark for you.

This idea was revealed to us by Dennis, who used some JavaScript wizardry while thinking outside the box.

Download the whole Playlist #

You can download all mp3 files from a playlist in one zip file with one click on Download button. The playlist has to be publicly available. If some of the videos in it are private or unavailable, they will be skipped.

Time required to download a playlist is the same as the time required to download each mp3 from it successively.

Auto select Bitrate #

By default, YTBmp3 will choose the best audio source from YouTube to do the conversion and calculate the highest possible mp3 bitrate. Just leave the Auto bitrate selected bellow the Download button. Calculation is based on an assumption that mp3 encoded audio has lower quality then acc or other audio formats available from YouTube. The Auto bitrate option will encode mp3 for one stop higher bitrate then the original source to preserve the audio quality. This approach is good enough for majority of use cases.

Some users may prefer to have two stops higher bitrate and for them there is Auto+ bitrate option as the source has a big influence to audio quality of the result. If the YouTube audio stream is not the original recorded source, but already compressed variant, then two steps higher bitrate should be used on the second encoding to mp3. If you use the downloaded mp3 for a specific purpose that needs the best possible quality at optimal file size, then Auto+ bitrate may be a good option to choose. But for listening your favorite songs on a very quality audio system Auto bitrate is just as good.

For example, converting YouTube video with the highest audio bitrate of 128kbps using Auto bitrate, will produce 160kbps mp3 file, and using Auto+ bitrate a 192kbps one.

Select a custom Bitrate #

If you prefer to convert mp3 with a specific bitrate, just select one, in the list below the Download button instead the Auto bitrate option. There is a wide range of options from 32kbps to 320kbps.

Be aware that the higher bitrate for a stop or two then the one available from YouTube will not result the more quality sound.

Trim the Length of audio #

More options… reveals a set of new fields and the two of them, labeled Trim, allow length trimming. The first input box is for start time and the second is for end time. While watching YouTube video, make note which part you want to convert and enter the start and end times before starting the download.

Time can be represented:

  • in seconds (10.5, 1, 0.33)
  • with colon separating hours, minutes and seconds (1:35.2, 16:4, 4:0)
  • with h, m and s suffixes (1h20m1.8s, 3m1s, 1m, 45.4s)

As you can see from the examples, a subsecond precision is possible, if that is important for you.

Change the audio reproduction speed #

The second option in More options… is the Tempo. It allows you to change the audio reproduction speed, just as YouTube allows to change the playback speed. If your player does not have such feature, you can download an mp3 which is already set to a desired reproduction speed.

This option is also available for playlist download to apply the same tempo for all files.

Podcast and presentation listeners will benefit very much as the popularity of YouTube Speed setting is very high for such videos.

Normalize loudness #

Low quality recordings sometimes have also relative low volume and enabling Normalize loudness under More options… will use dynamic loudness normalization algorithm to correct the volume levels.

Set custom ID3v2 tags #

More options… button, placed inline with the bitrate field, will reveal another set of options to specify text for ID3v2 mp3 tags:

  • Title
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Track
  • Year

If you leave the Title tag empty, it will contain the YouTube video’s title.

Short download URL #

URL shortener service at domain will give you a short URLs to YTBmp3 download pages. Also, you will find a link icon next to the Download buttons on this site, click on it and it will reveal a more convenient address for sharing. If you have a product of your creativity on YouTube and want to make your audience easier to download it in mp3 format, just provide that URL in your video’s description.

Download mp4 video file #

Next to the mp3 download button, you will find another one to download a video on

YTBmp4 is a sibling site to YTBmp3, where video files can be downloaded instead audio. There is no conversion of video formats, the content from YouTube is directly combined to mp4 file that is instantly downloadable. With that approach, there is no loss of quality compared to original source.

Download subtitles #

Some YouTube videos have captions that can be enabled on play. The same captions can be downloaded as srt subtitle file. If the video has the captions, YTBmp4 site will display a button Download subtitle and options for which language.